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What I can say about Nicole besides she is a sorceress miracle worker. I have seen countless doctors for digestive and skin issues for YEARS. Not one of them was able to aide me in healing myself like Nicole. I had doctors want to do surgeries or just tell me there is nothing I can do and I would just have to live with these conditions, IBS being one of them. With the guidance, support and care that Nicole provided me, I have not felt this good in my body for almost 7 years. I have referred her to friends and members of my family cause she is the real deal and words cant even express my gratitude I have for her because she has made me feel confident and comfort again. Client of hers for life!

– Jenn Hazzard

I began seeing Nicole in April of 2022, after having two surgeries for endometriosis, chronic pain, and a hefty load of other symptoms. Now, a year later, I can confidently say that I have never felt this good in my body, heart, mind, and spirit in my 30 years of life. And although, we’re not quite done just yet, I can trust that Nicole will get me there. Nicole is attentive, thorough, determined and honest. She has a Mary Poppin’s bag full of tools and a wealth of knowledge ready to be shared. I cannot thank or recommend her services enough.

– Julie Scholnick

So I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was a wreck when you started working with me, and you helped me a lot. More than the NRT and ART, you were such a source of support and inspiration. You helped me to not give up hope and to keep the faith when I was scared. Your strength and compassion are a bright light in the world, and you are (I have ZERO doubt) going to save a lot of lives and help people to thrive again.

– Alison Brunner

I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me this year. It was really difficult going through all of the issues that I had, but you always made me feel cared for. After many frustrating doctors appointments, I was impressed with your responsiveness to my emails and I could feel that you really cared and would do anything you could to make me healthy again (including bringing supplements from your own home, when what I needed wasnt in stock). I know the science behind what you do is ultimately what healed me physically, but having someone to answer all of my questions and guide me through the whole process made a huge difference mentally. I learned so much and my kitchen looks much different now than it did before I saw you. Thank you!

– Seth Umbenhauer

I wanted to tell you, I noticed a week or two into taking the supplements that I had less hair falling out in the shower. But, I just noticed this past week how crazy my regrowth is!! I havent had this little hair falling out in 15++ years!

– Nina Azzolina

Nicole. Changed. My. Life. After feeling like I plateaued with my naturopath even after strict dieting and detoxing I booked an appointment after following her magical work on social media. She got me in within a week because she knew how important healing was to me. I had the huge goal of conceiving my first baby in the new year (2023) and never thought it would be possible with not only my physical but mental health. Nicole helped me from the jump focus on trauma release and the energy in my body. With much intent and balance she has helped me get rid of anxiety that I thought I would live with forever, gently detox pathogens, focus on my hormones and thyroid, and become a mother. All within 4 MONTHS! Just because it’s common doesn’t make it normal… trust your gut! Or don’t?🪱 – but be certain to book with this girl because she is so real, committed and all around amazing! Thank you, Nicole 💛

– Rachel Grauber

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