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Innerlume addresses symptoms at their source. Our approach involves identifying the underlying factors of health issues and providing tailored solutions. Contact us today for further information or to schedule an appointment.

“I just received my blood work results and we are still cancer free!! Thank you for everything you have done to make this happen.”

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Address root cause of symptoms

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Innerlume is a space for healing on all levels.

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Innerlume is a holistic space full of different modalities to aid in complete and natural healing. We believe the body truly has the power to heal itself, when given the proper tools…Innerlume is your tool-kit.

All of our modalities use natural remedies to bring the physical, mental, and emotional bodies back to a state of balance. Innerlume can address a variety of symptoms, whether something just feels “off”, or there is a more chronic diagnosis. Innerlume uses muscle testing to find and address the root of many diagnosis’, as well as aid in clearing mental/emotional patterns.

Our holistic healing services

“Innerlume uses client education, professional guidance, and innate body intelligence to safely unwind the body to heal completely and naturally.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an appointment look like?

Each NRT/ART appointment will consist of a complete assessment using muscle testing. You can expect to lie down and have your arm pushed on, as well as organs tested, in order to locate areas of stress in the body. Once the areas of concern are located, we will use stressor kits to find what is holding that area back from healing (chemicals, metals, parasite, fungus/yeast, bacteria, virus, food, scars, emotions). After we have all of the info needed about the toxicity, we will begin testing supplements on the body, where the body will respond through muscle testing on which supplements it needs most in order to clear this stress and rebalance the area.

Can my insurance over this?

Because this is an alternative to traditional medicine, insurance does not cover the cost. However, many insurance policies have a “flex spending” account that can be used toward this modality. Just ask your insurance if you quality, and we are happy to send over invoices to submit!

What are the side effects?

As this healing practice uses only natural remedies, there are really no side effects. However, sometimes as the body begins to heal from chronic illness, there can be a “worse before it gets better” effect. This may include low energy/fatigue for a few days as the body adjusts. Typically, when coming in with symptoms, you will see those symptoms subside quickly, once and for all.

Which modality is best for me?

Each modality will bring a great level of healing, however, starting off, one may be more appropriate for you than the other. This can all be addressed and answered with a quick intro call, so your practitioner can best understand what is happening in your body, and where would be best to start.

What is the cost?

At Innerlume, we believe everyone should be able to afford to get well. We keep our appointment costs affordable, as we know supplements will be an additional cost. The cost of supplements varies based on what you need to rid your illness. More chronically ill cases will typically be looking for more intense support. That being said, this program is not meant to be forever. The cost of healing is certainly an investment up front, but as the body heals, your appointments spread out, and need for supplements goes down.

What issues does Innerlume address?

As vague as it may sound, Innerlume addresses a wide range of sypmtoms/diagnosis. This is because we use muscle testing in order to see what the body needs. Because of this, we are able to get to the root of the majority of illness big and small. A few examples of issues that Innerlume can address are….

  1. Gut issues/digestive distress/food sensitivities
  2. Hormonal dysregulation, including endometriosis, PCOS & infertility
  3. Skin & hair issues, including rashing/hives
  4. Mood/energy/cognitive imbalances
  5. Insomnia/unrestful sleep
  6. Chronic infections (sinus, yeast, ear, etc)
  7. Chronic pain including fibromyalgia
  8. Migraines

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