Emotional Release Therapy

We tap into the subconscious and target specific intentions like imposter syndrome, fear of public speaking, choosing the partners that you do, or something more general like overall anxiety. We identify root ages, release emotions from organs, and instill new, empowering patterns.

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Tap into the subconscious

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Release patterns that no longer serve you

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Instill new empowering beliefs

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What is Emotional Release Therapy?

We may not remember every single event that has occurred in our lives, but our body does, and everything in our surrounding is CONSTANTLY processed through our cells. Through locating these patterns and emotions, we are able to lift off these sets of lenses that we have gathered through our lives, so that we can see and live more fully, ultimately guiding us to a path of further healing.

“Through locating these patterns and emotions, we are able to remove the sets of lenses that we have gathered through our lives, that no longer serve our highest vision.”

-Founder of Innerlume

How does Emotional Release Therapy work?

Through muscle testing, we connect to the subconscious. We will bring an intention of what you may want to uncover (imposter syndrome, fear of public speaking etc). Then through muscle testing the body will take us back to a certain age that may be the root of this pattern. We will working through specific emotions that come up under this theme and age, and begin to release them from the organs that they are “stuck” in, forgive people who may have been involved, and replace this pattern with a new, clean set of lenses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know the exact pattern I want to release?

Amazingly, no! Through muscle testing, we are able to tap in to the subconscious, and the body will take it from there. We are able to find the emotions, organs they are stuck in, and people involved all through muscle testing. As a client, even if you said nothing at all, we would still have the same results. It is like getting to sit back and have your subconscious tell you a story about yourself.

Will I have to "relive" my traumas as we release?

No, the way of muscle testing takes the physical body system, and mental system out of it. It is like we are able t go deep into the subconscious and remove things, as the physical you is just along for the ride.

How do you "clear" the emotions?

We do a version of subconscious-physical release. We are able to apply physical connection to the “stuck” areas and release through visualization and breath. Then when the emotion has a stronger hold over us, we bring in forgiveness and tapping modalities to fully release.

What can I expect to feel after?

The shifts in the system vary on the presenting issues. If we are working with fears and phobias you will begin to notice a “softening” in those fears. While we working with mental patterns, many clients say they are living life more “freely”, having less reactive responses, becoming less stressed over situations, greater ability to move forward etc.

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